Standard Operating Business Procedures Manual

Table of Contents

Accounts Receivable

  •  Deposit - Receiving Cash/Checks on Site
  • Journal Entry - Receiving Funds from Other APS Locations



Budget Codes

Budget Code Descriptions

Carryover - PPA and Grants

Cash Handling

  • Nutrition Services
  • Schools and Support Sites


  • Conference Approval
  • Conference Advance
  • Conference Reimbursement

Custodial Operations

District Instructional Materials

District Vending

Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

Facilities Rental

Fixed Assets



Inventory Handling

Journal Entries

Ordering Buses for Field Trips and Athletic Events

Ordering District Forms

Ordering from Staples

Ordering from Suppliers

Ordering Printing Services

Ordering Repairs and Maintenance

Payment Methods

  • P-Card - To Make a Payment with the District Purchasing Card
  • Accounts Payable Check
  • Journal Entries

Payments to Employees for Hours Worked

Payments for Invoices

  • Accounts Payable Check

Payments to Other APS Locations

  • Journal Entries

Payment to Reimburse Employees

  • Employee Expense
  • Mileage Reimbursement

Pupil Activity Accounts

  • Fund 74


Returned Checks

Sales Tax

Stop Payment of a Check

Student Count

Voiding a Check


Year End Procedures