Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I can’t log in?
A: Contact the Help Desk.

Q: My responsibilities in Oracle have changed. What should I do?
A: Functions available within certain Oracle responsibilities have changed. For assistance with payroll links, payroll reports and timecard issues, contact HR. For assistance with financial links and reports, contact Accounting.

Q: How do I pay invoices?
A: Create a “for payment only” (FPO) requisition (Oracle help sheet).

Q: How do I process a parent or student refund?
A: Create a refund requisition  (Oracle help sheet).

Q: How do I reimburse an employee?
A: Reimbursements are processed using the Employee Expense function. Scan and attach approved itemized receipts to the employee expense screen within Oracle. Checks will be mailed directly to the employee’s home address (Oracle help sheet).

Q: How do I create a journal entry to fix a transaction coded to the wrong budget account?
A: Request the creation of a journal entry.
Request forms and instructions.

Q: Why did we have to upgrade Oracle?
A: The version of Oracle we have been working with, 11i, was no longer going to be supported by Oracle.

Q: Why couldn’t the upgrade happen over the summer?
A: APS personnel, hardware and financial resources were all evaluated when developing the timeline for this upgrade. Taking all things into consideration, spring break was the best option.

Q: Will I still receive monthly reports?
A: Monthly payroll reports will be sent to your site when payroll is posted. Traditional monthly reports will no longer be scheduled; however, you may run those at any time.

Q: Should I be using VISA IntelliLink for more than just printing P-Card statements?
A: Yes. Monitoring spending, applying expenses to the appropriate budget account codes and entering the business purpose in the narrative field are all important steps. Information entered into the system will print on statements eliminating the need to write in a business purpose; future reporting will allow this information to print on transaction reports.